#1 SMP Artist in Arizona

Artist. Educator. Innovator.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) artist, Garrett Duell, has been developing hair replicating pigments and custom hair sized needles since starting hair replicating services in Fountain Hills, AZ in 2006.  In 2015 he started selling his custom tailored SMP equipment to hair transplant doctors and established scalp artists looking to make the switch to superior equipment.  Performing scalp micropigmentation on a near daily basis, Garrett is continually educating others on the proper SMP techniques while also developing the latest precision technology in the scalp micropigmentation and hair loss industry.

Performing scalp micropigmentation on a regular basis, Garrett Duell develops and continually refines his technique to  innovate new technologies in the SMP space.

Sharing knowledge on the best techniques for scalp micropigmentation helps Garrett Duell to keep a pulse on the latest solutions and other techniques being used and helps to build the collective knowledge for the greater good of the SMP industry.